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Evernote for Fitness 1


Hello, dears 🙂

I have some news. Exciting news! I´ve sent an application for Evernote´s  Community Leader. What´s Evernote?

Evernote is a dynamic workspace that boosts your productivity. It´s a cloud note-taking app that makes  very easy keeping track of pretty much everything. We´ll focus on how to use Evernote for fitness, keeping track of your workouts, meals, etc. Traditionally, trainers have encouraged their trainees to keep a training diary.

Last two years, I´ve been developing personalized workouts and meal plans to my clients using Evernote. Results have been pretty amazing. In the next few weeks, I´ll explain how you can use Evernote as the best training diary Ever!

Evernote has too many features to cover them in a single post. On Fridays, we´ll explore Evernote´s features for fitness purposes.

The first thing you need, in case you haven´t one yet, is create your account. Please, use my invitation. It´s free! Make sure to download to all your devices.

Your homework for this week 😉

  1. Download the app.
  2. Create your account.
  3. Create a specific notebook for fitness.


Click File, New Notebook



Pick a fancy name, like “Fitness” or “Workouts”, and next week we´ll see how to get reunite all your previous workouts in there!





Meal planning with Evernote

Welcome, beautiful people 🙂

Probably it´s a coincidence but lately, I´ve been reading meal plannings everywhere. Some have found the perfect app, but others are still looking for it.

Let me explain how I use Evernote for meal planning. You can easily adapt it to your needs.

I guess we can skip the steps download from Google Play and install Evernote, right?

Create a new notebook: Meal planning.New notebook

Open your new notebook and press Ctrl+N to create a new note: Meal planning template. Let´s create a table in our new note: click on the icon -> options. Create Notebook, note

For responsive design, select “%” instead “pixels” for table width 😉Insertar tabla

Here it is our template: 7 days, 5 meals (or whatever).

Weekly template

Create new notes for the upcoming weeks and paste your table. You can link every meal to their correspondent recipe anywhere on the internet, or/and your own grocery list note 🙂


Enough for lesson one. Let me know if you are interested in a second lesson 😉

Eat clean, stay healthy, and don´t forget your smile at home 🙂