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Evernote for Fitness 1


Hello, dears 🙂

I have some news. Exciting news! I´ve sent an application for Evernote´s  Community Leader. (Update: I became an Evernote Community Leader. Read about it, here)

What´s Evernote?

Evernote is a dynamic workspace that boosts your productivity. It´s a cloud note-taking app that makes very easy keeping track of pretty much everything. Here, we´ll focus on how to use Evernote for fitness, keeping track of your workouts, meals, etc.

Traditionally, trainers have encouraged their trainees to keep a training diary. You may use Evernote as a brand new digital version of the training journals.

Since 2014, I´ve been delivering personalized workouts and meal plans to my clients through Evernote. Results have been pretty amazing. I´ll give you some ideas on how you can use Evernote, making of it the best training diary Ever!

Before we start, you need the app, right? Let me briefly explain, there are 4 available versions: Basic(free), Plus, Premium, and Business. Check this

Let me briefly explain, there are 4 available versions: Basic(free), Plus, Premium, and Business. Check this comparison to find which version is right for you. Please, feel free to use

Please, feel free to use my invitation.  If you choose a paid version,  I´ll guide you your first week, and will share refreshing fitness notes with you, for free.

Disclosure: If you use my invitation and get a paid version of Evernote, I´ll get a compensation from Evernote. This is an independent business, and I write about how you can use Evernote for fitness because I want to. 

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Meal planning with Evernote

Welcome, beautiful people 🙂

Probably it´s a coincidence but lately, I´ve been reading meal plannings everywhere. Some have found the perfect app, but others are still looking for it.

Let me explain how I use Evernote for meal planning. You can easily adapt it to your needs.

I guess we can skip the steps download from Google Play and install Evernote, right?

Create a new notebook: Meal planning.New notebook

Open your new notebook and press Ctrl+N to create a new note: Meal planning template. Let´s create a table in our new note: click on the icon -> options. Create Notebook, note

For responsive design, select “%” instead “pixels” for table width 😉Insertar tabla

Here it is our template: 7 days, 5 meals (or whatever).

Weekly template

Create new notes for the upcoming weeks and paste your table. You can link every meal to their correspondent recipe anywhere on the internet, or/and your own grocery list note 🙂


Enough for lesson one. Let me know if you are interested in a second lesson 😉

Eat clean, stay healthy, and don´t forget your smile at home 🙂