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Want to know more about your core muscles?

Chape Personal Trainer

Six pack has 54M results on Google. Not everybody but a lot of people desires a “six-pack”, others simply need to strength their middle section to relief or avoid pain or bad postures.

AbdomenThe transverse abdominal muscle (TVA) is a very important core muscle which is vital in maintaining good posture. It helps to compress the ribs and viscera, providing thoracic and pelvic stability.

The transverse abdominal and the segmental stabilizers of the spine work in tandem.

Without a stable spine, the nervous system fails to recruit the muscles in the extremities, and functional movements cannot be performed.

The TVA is vital to back and core health. Also has the effect of pulling in the abdomen. Training only the rectus abdominis muscle will not and can not give one a “flat” belly. This goal is achieved only through training the TVA.

Recently, the transverse abdominal muscle has become the subject of…

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The thigh

Fitness 101: Know your muscles.
Today: The thigh 🙂

Chape Personal Trainer

The thigh is the area between the pelvis and the knee. We divide the thigh into three compartments: anterior, medial, and posterior.

Anterior compartment muscles

SartoriusIt is the longest muscle in the body. It assists in flexing, weak abduction and lateral rotation of the hip, and knee flexion.
anterior superior iliac spine (ASIS)
1. upper medial surface of body of tibia

Pain and symptoms associated with the Sartorius muscle– Burning stinging pain under the skin starting at the outside of the bottom of the hip, traveling down the thigh to the inside of the knee (pain and/0r stinging can occur anywhere along the muscle)
– Inside of knees may be painful or hypersensitive
– Sleeping with a pillow between the knees often eases painActivities that cause sartorius muscle pain and symptoms

– Sitting with legs up and crossed for long periods of…

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Guest Post: Part II Chape: Personal Trainer: On Tailoring to the Client

Q&A Part 2.


Guest Post: Chape, Personal Trainer, elaborates on tailoring his training programs to the individual.

What makes your workout program more specific to the individual?

My initial tests contain a lot of questions about the client’s day to day life, so that I can imagine a day in that person’s life. I design each training plan considering the goals, experience, schedules and lifestyle of the client. My goal is always delivering reasonable training and meal plans. With reasonable, I mean easy-to-follow or complete according to their level and available time. It’s hard to find two people with the same jobs, schedules, equipment, goals and fitness level. For this reason, I don’t reuse training programs, and we can say they are very specific to each person.

What’s your favorite part of your job?

Getting results! Happiness is contagious. And people tend to be happy when they lose a couple of pounds, beat…

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