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Playlist: Blogger´s Mix 4

Hello, wonderful people:)

Today, I have to thank PT Contender and Head4Fitness for their cheerful songs. Do you like fitness? Follow them and amaze yourself!

Please, let me know what songs do you listen to, and I´ll include them next Monday.

Playlist: Blogger´s Mix 3

Hello, dears!

Due to technical issues, this week´s playlist is on YouTube. On the bright side, some videos are just awesome.

I have to thank PoojaG at Life´s Fine Whine for sharing her favorite songs. Visit and follow her blog for amazing content. Please, let me know the songs that keep you motivated 😉

Playlist: Blogger´s Mix 2

Hello, dears!

This week we owe some great songs to Inner Ramblings Boulevard and MariaJob. Prepare to be amazed by their blogs!

I´d love to include your favorite songs next Monday so, let me know what songs do you listen to.

Playlist: Blogger´s Mix 1

Hello dears!

We owe this playlist to some special bloggers who did not hesitate to share their favorite songs to workout. Thank to Christiansweightsuccess.netRandom Ramblings; Myriad Musings, Abercrombie & FITness, Atomic Words, and K. Phoenix for participating and making this playlist possible. Pay a visit to their blogs and try to figure out who suggested which song 😉


I had fun doing this playlist, and I would love to do it again so, please, let me know what song motivates YOU, and I´ll include it next Monday.

Playlist: Flow

Hello dears!

I haven´t done a playlist for a while. And I miss it 🙂

Also, I would like to try something new, with your collaboration. Tell me your favourite song for working out, and I´ll add it to the next playlist. I hope you like the idea.

Have a great week ahead!

Playlist: Another day, another workout

Hello, dears 🙂

These songs were my favs last month 😀 I hope you like it!

Playlist: Special K

Hello, dears 🙂

Here it is your weekly playlist. Enjoy your workout and have a great day!!