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Meet and Greet, May

Hello, dears!

Last meet and greet of the month, last chance to promote your blog and meet new awesome bloggers in the process! Please, introduce you on the original post 😉

Meet & Greet

Hello, dears

I hope you had a wonderful week!

It´s time to take a break, introduce your awesome blog and meet new amazing bloggers. Please, visit and comment the original post, here.

Meet and Greet – May

A new meet and greet is about to start! Here you are the list of the cool bloggers who participated last month. Make sure to check their blogs, they worth your time.

Single dad – How´s your Croatian? Like mine, I suppose 🙂 Don´t worry, what are translators for? Also, he nominated for an award. Much appreciated and my apologies for being an award free blog.

Yadadarcyyada – You may find a lot of topics, from blogging to Star Wars, and always have fun reading about it.

Cape n skirt – Beauty, recipes, traveling… with a creative touch 😉

Poet Rummager – Rose is a great poet and blogger!

The Beauty of Words – Cathleen is a fantasy author, editor, and blogger. She also shares a lot of useful tips on many topics.

Expresso Feeliwrity – Al Saher is a new friend who writes lovely poems. I think this one is really touching.

BigAndPinkyToes – Lacey blogs about food, her adorable family and, like she says, other good stuff!

Mich Navs – My mornings wouldn´t be the same without his poems.

The Jaguar – If you want to know something about big cats, Josh is the man. He´s going to the jungle to study the jaguars!

Sweet aroma – Oneta is a lady who really loves blogging. The list of topics she has covered is longer than my arm so, I don´t know what are you looking for, but Oneta has talked about it 🙂

Karen Lynne Beads – Karen blogs about bead work, drawings, paintings, and more creative stuff.

Karina Pinella – She writes short stories, poems, and shares good recipes too!

Kashyapee says – She writes about blogging tips, fashion, and travels.

Join us this month, these are the basic steps:

  1. Introduce yourself and tell us about your blog in the comment section. Share a link to your favorite post, a recent post, or anything you like.
  2. Check out the posts that have been shared in the comments already.
  3. Share this post! Reblog, tweet, pin, whatever you feel like doing!

As the spring is coming, I am going to take you to the biggest spring festival in the ancient world, Eleusis. The Eleusinian Mysteries took place there over two thousand years. I can hear the drums, yet!


Meet and Greet, April

Hello, dears!

Is it just me or time actually flies? I hope you have a lot of projects for the upcoming month!

Yet, there is something left to do this month, meeting new bloggers like you. Please, introduce you on the original post, where all the fun is at!

Meet and greet April

Hello, dears!

Yes, it´s Friday again. The perfect day to socialize, promote your blog and have fun. All together 🙂

Please, comment on the original post.

Have a great weekend!

Meet & Greet, April

Hello, wonderful people!

Hope your week was great. Time to promote your blog and meet new amazing bloggers. Visit and comment on the original post 🙂

Have fun!

Meet and Greet April

Hello, dears!

How was your week? Time to have a rest and enjoy life!

Leave a link to your favorite post, and relax meeting new bloggers — HERE.