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Evernote for fitness. Web Clipper.


Hello and welcome to a new lesson of Evernote for fitness. Today is all about the Evernote Web Clipper. It´s available for almost any browser and it´s the easiest way to collect anything from the web.

Once installed, you´ll see the elephant´s head next to the title bar. The browser context menu will also get an Evernote Web Clipper item. To use this option, right-click the mouse while browsing.


There are 5 modes of saving a note via the web clipper.


The extension can show the page as it is (“Article”)


or bring a simplified version (“Simplified Article”).


You can select texts using the yellowish tool and add tags to your note from the extension menu’s “Organize” section. After saving the note, you can open/share it right away. Setting a reminder is also possible from here.

The “Full Page” option, stores the whole web page on your Evernote account. Later you can edit the contents of these saved pages. The “Bookmark” option saves the URL along with a pic and a short description.


To annotate a webpage’s contents, the screenshot option can be handy. Take a screenshot using the extension and use its rich set of annotating tools.


As homework, I encourage you to create your own “Exercise Library” notebook, saving your regular exercises, those in which you want to improve, and the “really hard to perform” too. You never know when you´ll need to review or find inspiration.

Next week, we´ll see how to write and check our daily workout.

Evernote for fitness: Saving your old data.


Hello and welcome to this new chapter of Evernote for Fitness.  Today, we´ll learn how to:

  • Go paperless/Photo capture.
  • Create a new note.
  • Attach files to your notes.
  • Select multiple notes, and
  • Merge notes.

If you have done your homework, you´ve created your account, and a notebook for fitness. The first thing you should do is save all your workouts and diets. This way, we are preventing future losses.

We can reunite all kind of files in Evernote and make it our fitness command center.  The first feature that caught my eye was photo capture. Grab your old papers, and your phone. Click on the camera icon.

Automatically, Evernote will capture your papers. evernote-photo-capture-2

Honestly, I´m delighted by this feature. Think if you have one thousand sheets, one thousand clicks. Maybe I look lazy, but this is definitely a great idea!
You can save as many pics as you want in a single note, or you can make a note with each pic. Of course, you can reorganize and edit all your notes anytime later.

Let´s save a single pic as a single note first. Click “V” and chose a title for your note (Dark red). Then, click on the notebook icon to pick the notebook you want to save the note (Light red).

Click “V” again to save your new note.

You can also add any file from your phone or pc. If you want to add files from your phone, click “+” to add a new note, and select the clip icon.


I have some recent workouts in my phone memory for this occasion. Again, I save each pic as a note.


Later, I check my new notes on my pc, I realize they are too many. How do I fix this? Select multiple notes, holding “Ctrl” and clicking on the notes you want.  You´ll see your selection on the right side of your screen, and some options. One of them is “Merge”.



You´ll get a single note with all the data:


Pdf, excel files, docs saved on your pc? Press Ctrl + N to create a new note. Then click on the clip button, and add your files. When you finish, you have all your data on all your devices, anytime.


Next week, we´ll see how to add more content using the Evernote´s browser extension.

Evernote for Fitness 1


Hello, dears 🙂

I have some news. Exciting news! I´ve sent an application for Evernote´s  Community Leader. (Update: I became an Evernote Community Leader. Read about it, here)

What´s Evernote?

Evernote is a dynamic workspace that boosts your productivity. It´s a cloud note-taking app that makes very easy keeping track of pretty much everything. Here, we´ll focus on how to use Evernote for fitness, keeping track of your workouts, meals, etc.

Traditionally, trainers have encouraged their trainees to keep a training diary. You may use Evernote as a brand new digital version of the training journals.

Since 2014, I´ve been delivering personalized workouts and meal plans to my clients through Evernote. Results have been pretty amazing. I´ll give you some ideas on how you can use Evernote, making of it the best training diary Ever!

Before we start, you need the app, right? Let me briefly explain, there are 4 available versions: Basic(free), Plus, Premium, and Business. Check this

Let me briefly explain, there are 4 available versions: Basic(free), Plus, Premium, and Business. Check this comparison to find which version is right for you. Please, feel free to use

Please, feel free to use my invitation.  If you choose a paid version,  I´ll guide you your first week, and will share refreshing fitness notes with you, for free.

Disclosure: If you use my invitation and get a paid version of Evernote, I´ll get a compensation from Evernote. This is an independent business, and I write about how you can use Evernote for fitness because I want to. 

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