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Do you want to know me better?

Roses and clients

You know I love pets. Let´s go for another hobby, gardening.


These are some roses from my garden. Luckily, they are not all red.


Personal training is like gardening.


Every client, every rose has different needs:









But mostly, all we need is breathe and enjoy our roses 🙂

My skin is a canvas

The word tattoo is a loanword from the Polynesian word tatau, meaning “correct, workmanlike”. Sailors on the voyage later introduced both the word and reintroduced the concept of tattooing to Europe. The first written reference to the word tattoo (or tatau), appears in the journal of Joseph Banks (24 February 1743 – 19 June 1820), the naturalist aboard Captain Cook’s ship the HMS Endeavour: “I shall now mention the way they mark themselves indelibly, each of them is so marked by their humor or disposition”.

I love tattoos. I got my first one when I was 17 and I had already been waiting a few years for it. Please, let me introduce you: This is Sylvester He appeared one day in my in my left calf. Actually, my mother had to come with me and sign some papers, because of my age. 20 years and still a good looking cat!


The next year, I wanted a “ying-yang” so bad. My mother chose the “background”. I love this old man looking good and evil in the palm of his hand. He lives in my right “lat”.


“T” reminds me every day: “Don´t do what others do, asshole”. A couple of friends wanted tattoos so they asked me to go with them. One dragon, one lion, and “T” 😀 In my right calf, T looks like Sylvestre´s bodybuilder cousin so, be careful, T loves to bite 😉


The philosophers are always looking for something, usually “The Truth”. A couple of eyes in my left arm reminds me to look twice, hear twice, think twice.


My right forearm grew over time. It born as happiness kanji, accompanied with two advices to get there: “dare to know” (Kant) and “Know yourself” (Apollo´s temple inscription). Years later, a bunch of disjointed dots built a maze. Allegory of life 🙂


When I arrived Amsterdam for the very first time, I needed more than a souvenir 🙂 This place stimulates my mind and soul in so many ways… I was having breakfast in a coffee shop: Natural orange juice, Colombian black coffee, biscuits, and PowerPlant. The waiter was from Barcelona, we were talking about places to visit for a while. He continued his work and I began a tourist guide. It was there: 20% off in a tattoo studio in the Red District with this coupon. The rest is in the books 🙂

An exclamation point (mark) behind the left ear. A question point (mark) behind the right ear. Left side of the brain handles analysis, logic, numbers, questions (?). Right side handles creativity, sensations, feelings (!). So, here they are, my surprise before our analytical capacity and my question before our creativity.

Exclamation point


After my second trip to Amsterdam… Sorry, it is what it is 🙂 Left wrist, probably one of the most ancient written words: Weed (Surprise!). The point on the top is the sun. Just below, a house. Inside the house, two plants faced down, drying.


Some years ago, when the economic crisis began in Europe, I started to miss something: smiles. By the time, I read a quote. “If wherever you go want to find friendship, smiles, and poetry, take them with you”. My lovely and smiling thumbs (right and left):



After my last trip to Amsterdam, two years ago and still with the quote in mind: Poem title wordplay, “kiss me for breakfast” if you trust my word 😉 Anonimous beautiful “poem” in Spanish.


Finally, a portrait of my friend, “Maria” 🙂


And you, any tattoo?

My way

I like listening music while reading and writing. Press play (if you will) as garnish 🙂

I wanted to post this yesterday, but you know, shit happens. Am I late? Time is relative, someone famous said once 🙂

Blogging is something new for me. There is no “about me” on purpose (or phobia?). Anyway, I´ve read a lot about all of you, and I felt we´re not even. So here it is, my unexpected little autobiography. No filters or poetic licenses, I hope you´ll enjoy it.

I was born in 1978 in a seaside spanish town. Since the 80´s we are the first point of entry of drugs in Europe. A real drug Lady taught me to read and write. Add and subtract. You´re right, she owned the kindergarten. Obviously, I found “the drug thing” much later.

I was very shy. My mother forced me to go out to play with other kids. My teachers often called home because I didn´t socialize. I had asthma and allergies to all kind of things, I preferred reading 🙂

LiceoSo, team sports was my first hard subjet.

Thanks, Dr. Naismith for this beautiful one.

I quit from organized basketball at 13. I have problems with all kind of authority. Or all kind of authority have problems with me.

Streetball was much better for me.

When I was 17 I started lifting weights. I got two bad back injuries before 21. Did I care? Three years later…

Con Silvio Samuel

Silvio Samuel: Mr Olympia (98kgs), Chape: College parties king (82kgs). After this photo, Silvio went to the USA

I went to overtraining 🙂

I continued training others but I didn´t lift a dumbbell in a couple of years. This is what was left

Con Tito Gutierrez

That was my shop. He is my friend Tito, great canoeist and better firefighter.

But sports were only a subjet. Training is a way of living. I studied philosophy. And sociology later. I told you, I like reading 🙂

On my last year, at last, I had something to say. I wrote two thesis to close my academic chapter.


Translated: “A moral philosophical approach to the consumption of psychoactive substances” and “Business ethics in the neoliberal economy”. WOW, almost ten years ago!

I love travelling. Amsterdam is my favourite place to recharge batteries. Why? Amsterdam is freedom, art, music, endless streetmarkets, an unexpected love story turning every single corner, charming waiters with amazing conversations and always that “goodbye phrase”: Have a nice day, enjoy! Yes, I´m in love with… one city 😀

Amsterdam canal

I also love pets. Let me introduce you Wilma, Face, and Twitter. Belive it or not, the three of them are there!

Wilma, face and twitter

But I must admit, she is my queen, Ari


Because of the allergies I couldn´t have pets until I was 25. I was missing a lot of love! Allergy stay wherever you are, please.

End of chapter 1 🙂