One more quote

Hello, dears!

I´m sure you´re expecting my usual daily quote but today is going to be a little bit different.

Have you ever heard the expression “stop and smell the roses”, right? Well, the original quote belongs to Mr. Walter Hagen (a major figure in golf in the first half of the 20th century), and his exact words were: “You’re only here for a short visit. Don’t hurry, don’t worry. And be sure to smell the flowers along the way”.

I started blogging in September 2015 and I have not taken a break since then. I´ve enjoyed every single day, I have met many wonderful people and made some good friends. I have learned a lot from you and I have grown more as a person than as a blogger. I feel nothing but gratitude: thanks for your support that you have shown all this time, but also thanks for all the inspiration, help, advice and pearls of wisdom you share from your blogs! Keep writing because I´m not going anywhere!!

It´s just that my daily (hopefully) motivational quote series ends today: 532 quotes. I had no specific number in mind when I started but lately, I´ve been feeling it´s time to make some changes. I have more quotes than exercises or post about fitness. When I think about it, a voice in my head tells me something is not right… and I agree 🙂

Back in September 2015, I knew nothing about blogging. In November 2017 I know that more than two thousand followers deserve better than a daily motivational quote, weekly recipes, and occasional fitness post.

After my come back, I plan to post just three times per week, things I think you´d like to see again: playlists, exercises, recipes, fitness tips… and some new stuff. My goal is to deliver twelve worth reading posts every month, starting in December.

This month, after two years, I´m going to press the Pause button instead of Publish. No hurries, no worries, I´ll be smelling the flowers 😉

Big hugs!



31 thoughts on “One more quote”

  1. Chape
    How have you been my friend, sorry I haven’t been checking on your blog or you for that matter, but I am hoping all is well. I cannot believe you are leaving the quotes behind because you surely did make a huge amount of quotes! that is for sure 🙂 I am happy for what is to come with your blog and new beginnings sir! miss you!

    Shay-lon xx

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    1. Hello, Sunshine 😎
      All is good, I just need some changes, new goals and challenges 😉 and I also need some kind of vacation 😂
      I hope you are doing great and your boss raise your salary again before Christmas 🤞
      Don’t miss me, write me an email!!!
      Big hugs,

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      1. Chape,
        This is wonderful to hear, I totally understand. As bloggers, we sometimes get used to this regular routine of post and then other ideas come to mind and we find that as our blog grows, we have to expand our interest to meet the needs of our followers.
        I hope my boss does as well, that would be awesome! but if not, I am just happy enough to have a job I enjoy 🙂

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  2. Wise decision to take that break and put everything back in perspective.
    We did that last week and it really gives you energy-booster 🙂
    Enjoy the break, dear David. Already looking forward to your new posts.

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