Want to know more about your core muscles?

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Six pack has 54M results on Google. Not everybody but a lot of people desires a “six-pack”, others simply need to strength their middle section to relief or avoid pain or bad postures.

AbdomenThe transverse abdominal muscle (TVA) is a very important core muscle which is vital in maintaining good posture. It helps to compress the ribs and viscera, providing thoracic and pelvic stability.

The transverse abdominal and the segmental stabilizers of the spine work in tandem.

Without a stable spine, the nervous system fails to recruit the muscles in the extremities, and functional movements cannot be performed.

The TVA is vital to back and core health. Also has the effect of pulling in the abdomen. Training only the rectus abdominis muscle will not and can not give one a “flat” belly. This goal is achieved only through training the TVA.

Recently, the transverse abdominal muscle has become the subject of…

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