“Everything is dangerous, my dear fellow. If it wasn’t so, life wouldn’t be worth living.” Oscar Wilde

9 thoughts on “Dangers”

      1. Solving anything with socialism is an impossible task – unless you want to solve prosperity and happiness, and the solution is the opposite of those.

        Oscar was simply selfish. He actually was for more of a libertarian socialism (he at least saw politicians as they were, ugly). He wanted to explore his art without the burden of having a tough time putting food on the table in the process.

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      2. Capitalism doesn´t solve anything either for that matter. And you have all the examples you want 😀
        So, Wilde was selfish and the current millionares pro players are… what exactly? I don´t understand your obssesion with socialism 🙂

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      3. No obsession, brother. Free enterprise isn’t meant as a solution. It just works. So well, it can even make France look smart.

        I don’t like bureaucrats and I don’t like politicians. They’re both evil. Socialism relies on both in excessive amounts.

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      4. It works for some, no doubt 🙂
        Politicians and bureaucrats are necessary actors in any system but anarchism, I think. But that´s too much on the left, isn´t it?

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      5. Anarchism is so far left it gives a reach-around to the right. Politicians may be necessary but their necessity doesn’t require we give them any more than minimal sway over freedom.

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      6. Haha! That´s a good one!
        In theory, politicians should listen and represent other people´s interests but that never happens. I think there is a total lack of values, generally speaking, in politics and we all pay the consecuences.

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