2000 followers – Q&A celebration

Hello, wonderful people!

I´m going to reach 2000 followers anytime soon (1987, currently) and this time I´d like to be prepared and I´d like to do a question and answer post to celebrate.

You never heard about this thing? It´s really easy, you ask questions to satisfy your curiosity and I answer.

I´ll publish the post with all the questions linked to your blogs, and all the answers obviously, the very same day I hit the milestone.

So, what would you like to ask me? 🙂

30 thoughts on “2000 followers – Q&A celebration”

      1. I woke up this morning with a sort of Christmas gift in my email so, not really.
        I love all kind of compliments, especially about my tattoos 🤣 You’ve made my day even better if you prefer 😉

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      2. Oh haha that’s so nice! Yeah I guess you’re just having a really good day!
        I really like tattoos and definitely want to get more but I just remember your tattoos today because when I went for my medicals I had a hard time because I had to get tested for a bunch of different stuff because I have a tattoo! I think yours look really good!

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      3. Ooh! I remember something like that. I didn’t feel good and I went to the doctor. He saw the tattoos (just 3 back then) and he started talking about risks and diseases. He scared me to dead!!
        Test came clear and some time later I got another tattoo to celebrate 😂
        So, what would be your next tattoo? 😁

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      4. Lol yeah people kind of over react when they see tattoos sometimes but I know I did mine hygienically so I wasn’t scared there would be anything!
        Haha the best way to celebrate is to get another tattoo of course!
        My sister and I were thinking of getting matching cat tattoos! And I was thinking of getting one of my favorite quotes written on my arm!

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      5. Haha! Yes, a lot of people freak out, but it’s worse when your doctor freaks out. Not funny in the moment 😂
        I love both ideas. Something tells me it’s just a matter of time you get them 😉👌
        Of course, we want pictures when it happens!

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      6. Haha yeah that can make you nervous as hell! all the doctors there were just like omg your tattoo is so cute so I was like yayy!
        Thanks! Yeah I’m going to get them before I go to Canada so probably sometime next month! Haha yeah definitely going to put lots of pictures of them up!

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      7. Haha! Definitely doctors should do that!
        I’m looking forward to seeing them. Are you planning to do both before you go? I would save the quote for Canada as souvenir 😉 😂

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      8. Haha yeah the doctors there were really nice!
        No I want to do them here because I have a really good tattoo artist here and I don’t want to get it done with someone in Canada that I don’t know because what if it doesn’t look like how I want it to! I want to get one in Canada but it’ll be a small one. I was thinking of getting an infinite sign in Canada actually! Also weird story the guy who did my tattoo is actually an accountant and does tattoos in his free time 😂

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      9. And that´s how one new tattoo turns into three, hahaha!
        I totally understand you want your tattoos by an artist you actually trust.
        The infinite sign always made my top three, but I always went for something else. Maybe some day 🙂

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      10. Hahaha I am so sure those three tattoos are going to turn into six tattoos soon 😂
        Yeah because I’ve heard like horror stories of peoples tattoos going wrong and I so don’t want that!
        Haha yeah I love the infinite sign tattoo it’s so small but so meaningful! Haha if you get it we’ll have matching tattoos 😂😜

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      11. Hahaha It’s InkTime! 😂 Enjoy!
        Yes, there are a lot of terrible stories. But cover an old bad tattoo with a new one is an option most of the time.
        We’ll see what I get next time 😝

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  1. Hello dear David!!
    first of all congrats on the coming 2k mark.
    i have nothing much to ask tho… been away from WP for a while…
    i would just like to know how you been during this time?? i am sure you must have inspired many like you always do…
    its nice to see you again, mate.
    love and light ❤
    Vikram 🙂

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    1. Hello, my friend 😊
      That’s for sure the most lovely question I’m going to get!
      I don’t know if I’ve inspired someone, but I’ve been feeling great lately. How about you? Have you enjoyed your time away from the blogosphere?
      I’m very happy to see you, Vikram!!
      Love and light
      David 😊

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      1. that’s great to know mate that you been good. i have also enjoyed my time. i have been some of the meditation camps lately. now back to Blogsphere.
        and yes you inspire many, i am one of them 🙂
        love and light ❤
        Vikram 🙂


      2. Speaking of inspiration, Meditation is something I should do more often 😉
        If I didn’t say it before, Welcome back! I’m looking forward to reading your new post after all that meditation!
        Love and light,

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  2. Chape, this is fantastic news!! I have several questions: What inspired you to begin this blog? What have been the biggest changes to being a blogger that you have recognized since 1987? How do you think you were able to attract 2000 followers? (I have a small part of the answer, because I follow you…giggles!). I look forward to reading your Q&A post soon!! Hugs n’ blessings until then.

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