Evernote Walking Challenge

It´s no secret I love walking. Walking has several physical and mental benefits: reduces stress, controls blood sugar levels, boosts the immune system, burns fat and more.

You can lose body fat and get in shape through walking alone. Often, sedentary people choose intense workouts when they want to get in shape. Big mistake. It’s hard to stick to an intense routine if you’ve been out on the couch for a long time. You need a routine first. Intense routines come later.

Beach travel - woman walking on sand beach closeup

It´s no secret I love Evernote, the place to organize your work, declutter your life, and remember everything. As you know, Evernote has endless applications, and I use it to deliver personalized training and meal plans, all over the world,  and easily keep track of my clients´ daily progress.

I´m excited to announce my first fitness challenge on Evernote. This walking challenge will build discipline that will help you stay in shape for the rest of your life. Don’t wait until Monday or next month to start this challenge, start today!

First, you need an Evernote account to share your training notes with me and get advice. Download it here, and make sure to download it to all your devices. No worries, there is a free version of Evernote available. This challenge won´t cost you any money, but if you think Evernote is useful and want a paid version, you´re very welcome.

If you already are an Evernote user, let me know in the comment section.

No matter the activity tracker or app you use, you can save it (and much more) in Evernote with no effort. I´ll show you how to do it.

Once you get your account, I give you access to a notebook where you share your daily walks. I share mine, as well as advice on walking and Evernote. Private chat is available for your questions and concerns about training and how to use Evernote.

Also, an exclusive Facebook group with healthy recipes where you´ll meet more participants in a distended ambient. I think we have it all to reach your goals as you have fun.

This is “The Moment” when you chose a more healthy lifestyle. Download the app and let´s get started!

*This post may contain affiliate links from companies or products that I love. If you use this links to purchase a product, I may get a compensation.

20 thoughts on “Evernote Walking Challenge”

    1. It’s something like a group 👌
      It doesn’t really matter time or distance, the point is to take a daily walk.
      And if you excuse me, it’s 1 am, I need to get some sleep 😉

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      1. Here´s the link to the public notebook, so you can see the “group”. https://www.evernote.com/pub/chapepersonaltraining/walkingchallenge#st=p&n=d2368469-4532-49d2-b3fe-681a772d45d6
        To add your own notes, you need an Evernote account. If you don´t use Evernote yet, please use my referal link: http://evernote.grsm.io/DavidMuñiz
        If you use it, I see your email and I can contact you immediately to help you in your first steps on Evernote.

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      2. I pulled up the app on my cell phone then lost my cell phone. Everything is gone. The cell store I got my phone said that its locked and they can’t access anything anyway. Thank goodness for that. So as soon as I get a new phone, I’ll download it again. In the meantime I have it on my PC

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      3. I have entered notes but they aren’t going on the site. What did I do wrong? I uploaded to tablet, so I can use the program there
        Oh! It says it is view only, so I guess I can’t enter my walks. Okay, I see that now.

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  1. Reblogged this on Mary Job and commented:
    Awesome. Great to find out i am not the only one who prefers to walk….as opposed to jogging. Haha.

    #FitFam i am lagging behind. Thanks for this wake up call David.
    I am going to try Evernote..i have never used that. I see the icon and i simply say NO. Time to test out something new.

    Liked by 1 person

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