24 thoughts on “Shine from within”

      1. At least, we should try to make it the case 🙂
        It´s very difficult to agree with an author, so we better learn to take what we like from each one and be happy with that.
        The same old speech works both ways: we should step over our differences and look for the good side of the people. We differ on the means to get there but we all want a better world. Speaking of which, how are you doing over there? we´re doing like crap here, as usual 😀

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      2. Quite the opposite brother. Markets are up, business environment is great and getting better and Trump has begun cutting government largesse by more than 25%. That’s ALL good news.

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      3. Interesting! We are worried because Trump asked to double the money to defense (to european countries, last week). I don’t know if Europe can deal with another freedom war in the near future.

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      4. Well, to tell the truth, he asked you to bump from 1% to 2% because we’re tired of paying 33% so you can pay 1%. It’s easy for all of the NATO countries to have government funded Healthcare when they rely on us to be the world’s police. It’s high time we worried about ourselves a little more and the rest of the world a little less. It’s too lopsided right now.

        Besides, even Angela Merkel agreed with Trump on that line.

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      5. We don’t like the Nato, Merkel and we are a little tired of your wars and invasions. Tell me, are you going to use all that ammo in your own country? That would be fair!

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      6. I can guarantee nobody see you as the world´s police 😉 And if you don´t know it, the public opinion was against all your wars last 15 years, and nobody outside the US believes a word about your freedom wars. If you ask us, you can save your money and take your troops back home. Really, we´d love to see that!

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      7. Yeah, that’s why there were so many other nations fighting along side us. You say all of that now, then some shit bird dictator tries to overthrow the Banana Republic and everyone howls. It’s like talking tough about death…. It’s real easy till the bus pulls up for you.

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      8. Yeah, we still remember your help when Franco was bombing civilians, and 40 years of dictatorship. Thanks 😉
        We know you only fight for gas, and we don’t have any. Considering you are the biggest threat to the world, if you leave us alone, we’ll be ok. Btw, we are a monarchy 😉

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