Barbell Shrug Behind The Back

This is an excellent exercise for your traps, and I like it very much because I don´t need a heavy weight to feel the burn.

Stand up straight with your feet at shoulder width as you hold a barbell with both hands behind your back with palms facing back. Your hands should be a little wider than shoulder width apart.

Exhale as you raise your shoulders up as far as you can go. Hold there for a second.

Inhale and return to the starting position.


NOTICE: Do not lift the barbell by using your biceps. The arms should remain stretched out at all times.

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13 thoughts on “Barbell Shrug Behind The Back”

  1. Chape!
    Happy Tuesday to you!
    I have seen this exercise performed before on YouTube, I have done barbell shrugs (and I like them) but have never done them behind the back before. The tip at the end was very helpful, I will be giving this exercise a try the next time I am at the gym. Thank you


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  2. Made famous by the great Lee Haney. I rarely do shrugs these days since I feel over development can take away from your width and become more activated during back and shoulder exercises making the targeted muscle work less.


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