Meet and Greet 3

Hello dears!
Hope you´re having a great weekend. And just in case you´ve missed it, there is a meet and greet in town 🙂
Please, comment on the original post or you will miss all the fun!
Happy blogging!

Chape Personal Trainer

Hello dears! It´s meet and greet time again 🙂

Let me recapitulate and appreciate to all the bloggers who stopped by, and said hello in the previous post.

Tikeetha at A Thomas Point of View: Tikeetha blogs about parenting and her “high horse journalistic point of view” (her words :D). In a few words, an awesome and supportive blogger you should be following.

Christina at Stealing Quiet Time In Noisy Disorder:  She also is a lovely mom, and she shares delicious recipes, book reviews, and much more you have to see.

Rob and Tracee at Head4Fitness: Yes, they´re trainers and blog about fitness 🙂 And Rob is training for a triathlon. Maybe you´re not planning to do so but, you could support them by following and liking 😉

Dziey at Dziey: Probably the funniest and more lovely teen in Great Britain. Now she´s in college and doesn´t blog often…

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