Standing One arm Biceps Curl with resistance bands

Isolate your biceps with this easy exercise.

Anchor the band to the door with the door anchor over your head.

Facing the door grip the handle with one hand and stand about 3 to 4 feet away from the door. Keep your back straight, abs engaged, head aligned and a slight bend in your knees. Position your arm so that it´s straight, pointed towards the door anchor with palm up.

Exhale and pull the handle and bend your elbow until your hand is almost touching your face.

Inhale and gently return to starting position. Repeat.

12 thoughts on “Standing One arm Biceps Curl with resistance bands”

  1. Alex from MyLifeExplored here,

    This is a great tip! I used to only use resistance bands for recovery work and stretching but have recently started implementing them in my routine to help build explosive power. They’ve helped me break through a lot of plateaus and hit new PRs by fixing problems when it came to locking out the big lifts (squats, deads, bench, etc.).

    I actually just posted what I believe are some of the essential pieces of gym gear – including resistance bands. I’d love to hear what you think.

    Take care,


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