Playlist: Blogger´s Mix 1

Hello dears!

We owe this playlist to some special bloggers who did not hesitate to share their favorite songs to workout. Thank to Christiansweightsuccess.netRandom Ramblings; Myriad Musings, Abercrombie & FITness, Atomic Words, and K. Phoenix for participating and making this playlist possible. Pay a visit to their blogs and try to figure out who suggested which song 😉


I had fun doing this playlist, and I would love to do it again so, please, let me know what song motivates YOU, and I´ll include it next Monday.

11 thoughts on “Playlist: Blogger´s Mix 1”

    1. Thank you! Here is the thing, I´ve never listened a Bieber´s song before 🙂 (No, I don´t live in a cave, lol)
      That´s what I liked the most from this experience, listening music I´m not used to. So, feel free to tell me your favorite songs for workout 😉
      But must important, how are you doing? I´m great, starting a small renovation upstairs… wish me luck LOL
      Hugs, David

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      1. Hi David!
        I’m well. Busy making lots of changes to my life so occasionally I may fall of the grid with a few projects happening behind the scenes.

        Best wishes with your renovations. ☺

        Having the right workout music is a fantastic catalyst and can make a huge difference between an okay workout vs an amazing workout.

        I love checking out your Playlist because, like you said, it exposes me to music I might not have heard before.

        Here are a few songs from my workout playlist:
        1. Eye on it by TobyMac
        2. Bonfire by Building 429
        3. Avalanche by Manafest
        4. Paint The Town Green by The Script
        5. Hey Mama by Matthew Kearney

        Hope you like them!! Thanks for chatting 😀

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      2. First of all, good luck on all your projects!
        Thanks for your good wishes, day one went great 🙂
        And also thank you for sharing your songs, they are all new for me 😀
        As you well said, music makes a huge difference, There are studies about it 🙂 Fast tempo songs make us work harder, shile slow tempo songs are better for cool down and stretch 😉
        For sure, I´ll include your songs next Monday, I hope you like the playlist!

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      3. Oh how wonderful! Yay me!!! (just kidding lol).

        Seriously, I’m honored to be included in your playlist segment, thank you!!

        Thanks for the well wishes. Hope day 2 of your project progresses as planned. Good luck! Have a fantastic day! ☺ 🌷

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