Evernote for fitness. Web Clipper.


Hello and welcome to a new lesson of Evernote for fitness. Today is all about the Evernote Web Clipper. It´s available for almost any browser and it´s the easiest way to collect anything from the web.

Once installed, you´ll see the elephant´s head next to the title bar. The browser context menu will also get an Evernote Web Clipper item. To use this option, right-click the mouse while browsing.


There are 5 modes of saving a note via the web clipper.


The extension can show the page as it is (“Article”)


or bring a simplified version (“Simplified Article”).


You can select texts using the yellowish tool and add tags to your note from the extension menu’s “Organize” section. After saving the note, you can open/share it right away. Setting a reminder is also possible from here.

The “Full Page” option, stores the whole web page on your Evernote account. Later you can edit the contents of these saved pages. The “Bookmark” option saves the URL along with a pic and a short description.


To annotate a webpage’s contents, the screenshot option can be handy. Take a screenshot using the extension and use its rich set of annotating tools.


As homework, I encourage you to create your own “Exercise Library” notebook, saving your regular exercises, those in which you want to improve, and the “really hard to perform” too. You never know when you´ll need to review or find inspiration.

Next week, we´ll see how to write and check our daily workout.

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