Evernote for Fitness 1


Hello, dears 🙂

I have some news. Exciting news! I´ve sent an application for Evernote´s  Community Leader. What´s Evernote?

Evernote is a dynamic workspace that boosts your productivity. It´s a cloud note-taking app that makes  very easy keeping track of pretty much everything. We´ll focus on how to use Evernote for fitness, keeping track of your workouts, meals, etc. Traditionally, trainers have encouraged their trainees to keep a training diary.

Last two years, I´ve been developing personalized workouts and meal plans to my clients using Evernote. Results have been pretty amazing. In the next few weeks, I´ll explain how you can use Evernote as the best training diary Ever!

Evernote has too many features to cover them in a single post. On Fridays, we´ll explore Evernote´s features for fitness purposes.

The first thing you need, in case you haven´t one yet, is create your account. Please, use my invitation. It´s free! Make sure to download to all your devices.

Your homework for this week 😉

  1. Download the app.
  2. Create your account.
  3. Create a specific notebook for fitness.


Click File, New Notebook



Pick a fancy name, like “Fitness” or “Workouts”, and next week we´ll see how to get reunite all your previous workouts in there!





24 thoughts on “Evernote for Fitness 1”

  1. What a simply great idea! Would you be prepared to help with my training? I hope to improve my running performance over the winter and would like to have a good year on the bike in 2017, targeting the Etape and also a 12 hours mtb race.. not had a trainer before or even much in the way of planned routines! So I’m keen to see what I can achieve as I hit 40

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    1. I’ve trained a couple of guys for a mtb race like that some years ago. The race is called, Los 10,000 del soplado. Famous and tough race, they finished, haha!
      Create your account, because I guess you’ve been training for quite some time. Maybe you had not a plan, but you wrote your workouts?

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      1. I’m pleased you like my videos 😀
        The app is a white canvas, you can save anything you want/need, workout videos included.
        You can create your own exercise library if you wish 😀


      2. Of course I like them. Working out alone, I should have someone to look up to. Its hard to do workouts if you are alone and is not looking up to someone doing the same thing with ease. It motivates me somehow.

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      3. I understand, I usually workout alone at home. Sometimes is Boring, with capital B. I’ve been thinking on upload my daily workout to YouTube.


  2. Wow I love this! I’m a nineteen year old who is in the beginning of my fitness journey. I started a blog to share my experiences and progress along the way! If your interested check it out! braedonsjourney.wordpress.com

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