Stability Ball Sit Ups

This exercise uses your bodyweight and your balance to work on your core muscles.

Lie on the stability ball with your lower back curvature pressed against the ball. Bend your knees and pressed firmly the feet against the floor. The upper torso should be hanging off the top of the ball. The arms should either alongside the body, crossed on top of your chest or with the hands behind the back of the head.

With the hips stationary, exhale and flex the waist by contracting the abdominals and curl the shoulders and trunk upward. The lower back should always stay in contact with the ball.

12 thoughts on “Stability Ball Sit Ups”

  1. With a lumbar injury, my PT taught me a very slightly modified version of this exercise. I do it Faithfully. Every. Single. Day. I noticed years ago if I skipped it, I would be hurting the next day. Good share, David.

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      1. Yeah well my client was a bigger man of sorts so maybe he was uncomfortable and maybe the ball wasn’t his thing and possibly because he had bad balance. I know I have shared my dislike about the stability ball, but perhaps I will share an exercise that it is good for and I can do fairly well, haha! Hmm, not a favorite exercise but still decent. Anywho, for another day possibly. I rhink you did the exercise well. The different size balls can really make a difference.. so that could be an issue as well for me.

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