Playlist: Just do something

Good morning, and Happy Monday 🙂

May! In my world, this means Bikini Operation. With the first warm day, some people remind the beach and realize how the couch hours worked out. I know, dears, you need to do something…Just do something!! 😀

If you feel lazy, just press play and repeat this new “mantra” to your inner self: “Just do something”. At least you will dance, that´s for sure 😉

In the other hand, if you´ve spent your weekend in front of your computer, like me, you should begin your week taking care of that punished back with these easy exercises 🙂

On Wednesday, new guest post at MiddleMe! Being invited to another blog is such an honor and I can tell you, it feels great:) But if I have to tell you how it feels a serial guest post, the word is: “ecstatic“. Please, visit Kally and give her Big Hugs 🙂

18 thoughts on “Playlist: Just do something”

      1. Hehe, obviously 😀 On Mondays the world looks like 1984, on Tuesdays like a brand new world, Wednesdays Alice in Wonderland… sooner or later we wake up wondering what day is it and what should we be doing. Go crazy and enjoy life it´s the best I can do 🙂

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