Playlist: The jungle

Good morning, dears!

I´m really happy to be able to post from home (Spain). Sixteen (16) days in a row with no connection. As you know, last month I only had three days of connection. At least, Movistar has given me the money back.

With these technical difficulties is hard to organize or program something. Well, it is for me. I´m open to suggestions 🙂

I have a to-do list larger than my arm and all I could do was breath… Please, do me a favor and visit my previous post, where I address you to MiddleMe and a great workout if you are seated in front of the computer most of the day. As you understand, I couldn´t announce it properly before :/

So, I guess my best option is to get out of here soon, find a flat in Braga and don´t look back! Btw, do you want a flat in Galicia (Spain)? I´m selling 😀

Anyway, to celebrate my reconnection and wish you a great week ahead:


20 thoughts on “Playlist: The jungle”

  1. Totally understand your internet problem, I have recently changed from movistar, which was apart from terrible it was expensive, I am now with Orange, which I just take with me wherever I go and it was half the price and 30mb its fantastic, I no longer have problems………..

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    1. Orange, I was their client for years 🙂
      Probably, I were a terrible person in a past life and I´m paying now 😀
      Last year, I went from one company to another with the same frustrating result. I can´t hire optic fiber because a stupid neighbor told R years ago, the whole building didn´t want connection.
      I´ve tried from home, my parents, uncles, friends… Lately, bad weather, with storms and even little tornados!
      And when it works, it´s slow af! Meanwhile, 200km from home, in Braga, 400 mb. Maybe it´s a mistake but I´m sick of trying and waiting here. I liked the city, so… I don´t need much more to package 🙂


      1. True! Crazy world 😀
        I’ve just recorded two hours of exercises that I can’t upload! I really beat my ass to work online but “they” don’t hel p 😉 Let me try another country 😕 Actually it’s nearer than Madrid or Barcelona Lol

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    1. Yes, crazy is the word 🙂 Three times a day to the bar, waiting everyday “the call” (technician´s lol)… a nonsense 🙂
      Last month, same story. So, I move or I get mad 🙂

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