I move to Braga

Good morning, dears 🙂 Surprise!

As many of you already know, I´ve been having problems with my connection the past few months. What you don´t know is that if something is wrong or broken in Spain, you can get used to it or you can leave the country. Last month, I enjoyed a 3-day connection. All I have to say is: Thank you so much, Spaniards!

So, I´m truly happy to announce you: I´m moving to Braga. I did some online research last week from different coffee shops and bars. I think I will go there this week, looking for a place for rent.

I saw these stairs and I felt they were calling me! The Christian religion considers the body as soul´s jail and it´s also their first source of sin. As a proud atheist, I consider the stairs just a great workout. Did I not tell you? I love stairs, don´t you? Bom Jesus do Monte, see you soon!

Bom Jesus do Monte

I will keep you updated! Btw, anyone from Braga? 😀

37 thoughts on “I move to Braga”

    1. Yes, you do! Very good memory, Monica 🙂 It´s a totally different culture only a few kms away and I´m missing it! 8 museums in Braga and 20 minutes by train to Porto. I´m planning to visit Braga and some real state agents on Friday 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much, my friend!
      Do you believe in coincidences? A priest has just come into the bar 😮
      I don´t know if the world needs me, but I´ve found my place, calm and balance, with all of you. Here, blogging. Back in Spain is as usual… at the bar 🙂

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