Playlist: Sit back and relax

Happy Monday, dears!

This is the nineteenth playlist. Two more and we´ll have one for every challenge´s day. I know they´re almost electro music. I promise I´ll explore more music genres, like rock, dancehall, and reggae in the near future. Please, be indulgent, I only have two ears and two hands 🙂

So, I had this funny chat with a  fellow blogger this morning and suggested me this catchy title! Press play, sit back and relax… if you dare!

Wish you a great week ahead 🙂


20 thoughts on “Playlist: Sit back and relax”

  1. Music is a wonderful method to prepare the body for exercise. It has the ability to reduce injuries (by starting more relaxed) and motivate one to “push” through a workout. Keep the music flowing!

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      1. I want to lose another twenty nine and a half pounds, although I am technically about fourteen pounds overweight. I want to lose around a pound a week. I have changed my diet and I am building up a daily exercise regime. I started with fifteen press-ups and fifteen sit-ups per night and have built up from there.

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