Supermans Level 3

Supermans Level 3 will burn our lower back. Again, no equipment is required.

Lay face down on a mat, with your arms extended.

Exhale and contract your lower back and glutes, lifting your chest and legs up off the ground. Keep your hands and arms straight throughout the exercise.

Hold a few seconds. Inhale, back to initial position and repeat.

There are some other variations and yoga poses but luckily they are not called “supermans”.

All of them are safe and effective when it comes to building strength in our lower back. There is life beyond deadlift!



10 thoughts on “Supermans Level 3”

    1. well, the name is new. When I was studying it was “lift hands and legs at the same time”. I guess it´s a marketing thing 😀 Plus, if you say “I do Supermans” you can feel proud. But if you say “I lift my hands…” well, it sounds different 😀

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  1. Lower back exercises are something I really need to start incorporating into my workouts .. I’m a certified nursing assistant (cna), and that job can be hard on your back. I especially appreciate an exercise that doesn’t use equipment. It’s not easy for me to make it outside to work out. 😉 Thanks for sharing

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