Exercise library

Yesterday, it was too sunny to go to the gym. I also took some pics to add to my exercise library. I´m working on some free workouts, challenges, and rehab routines for coming Events.

Thank you so much for your inspiration, questions, and support. Here are some exercises that are waiting for you 🙂

Tarde jardin.jpg

22 thoughts on “Exercise library”

      1. A good description how to do the exercise properly, accompanied by pics is a great post 🙂
        Please, keep your congratulations for a better one, because my English vocabulary is extremely short to thank you graciously on every post 🙂 I really appreciate it. Big hug, David

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      2. This is why I love internet: I am “here” by your side, anytime, anywhere. Thank you 🙂 (see??? I need to improve my English) “The best is yet to be”, I love this quote and in this case, it´s true 😉

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  1. These look doable for me. Are they safe for lower back issues? I damaged L3,4 and 5 at work a couple years ago. I am worlds better, I can stand for short periods of time (not more than 20 minutes, after that it’s painful) and move almost normally but I recognise that I need to start exercising because long term that will help me the most.

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    1. Please, notice that these exercise are randomly pasted 🙂 It´s not a “workout”, just a bunch of exercise (among others I did).
      I damaged L4 and L5, you win!
      Now, answering your question: Yes, they are safe but with restrictions. If it hurts, don´t do it 🙂 Don´t worry, a lower back workout will be included in our events 🙂

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    1. Wow! Good morning 🙂 I didn´t think about that. I was doing my thing and enjoy December´s sun (which is uncommon). Thank you so much for encouragening me 🙂


  2. the pictures made it so easy to follow..thanks for sharing…I dont know or I can’t remember how you find me but I am so glad you did…because I am a health/fitness buff myself…I do road running twice a week then strength exercise for the rest of the week for at least 30 min each session..this has keep me fit even after four kids ..having you around in my community will help me try to forms of exercises…thanks…

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