My way

I like listening music while reading and writing. Press play (if you will) as garnish 🙂

I wanted to post this yesterday, but you know, shit happens. Am I late? Time is relative, someone famous said once 🙂

Blogging is something new for me. There is no “about me” on purpose (or phobia?). Anyway, I´ve read a lot about all of you, and I felt we´re not even. So here it is, my unexpected little autobiography. No filters or poetic licenses, I hope you´ll enjoy it.

I was born in 1978 in a seaside spanish town. Since the 80´s we are the first point of entry of drugs in Europe. A real drug Lady taught me to read and write. Add and subtract. You´re right, she owned the kindergarten. Obviously, I found “the drug thing” much later.

I was very shy. My mother forced me to go out to play with other kids. My teachers often called home because I didn´t socialize. I had asthma and allergies to all kind of things, I preferred reading 🙂

LiceoSo, team sports was my first hard subjet.

Thanks, Dr. Naismith for this beautiful one.

I quit from organized basketball at 13. I have problems with all kind of authority. Or all kind of authority have problems with me.

Streetball was much better for me.

When I was 17 I started lifting weights. I got two bad back injuries before 21. Did I care? Three years later…

Con Silvio Samuel

Silvio Samuel: Mr Olympia (98kgs), Chape: College parties king (82kgs). After this photo, Silvio went to the USA

I went to overtraining 🙂

I continued training others but I didn´t lift a dumbbell in a couple of years. This is what was left

Con Tito Gutierrez

That was my shop. He is my friend Tito, great canoeist and better firefighter.

But sports were only a subjet. Training is a way of living. I studied philosophy. And sociology later. I told you, I like reading 🙂

On my last year, at last, I had something to say. I wrote two thesis to close my academic chapter.


Translated: “A moral philosophical approach to the consumption of psychoactive substances” and “Business ethics in the neoliberal economy”. WOW, almost ten years ago!

I love travelling. Amsterdam is my favourite place to recharge batteries. Why? Amsterdam is freedom, art, music, endless streetmarkets, an unexpected love story turning every single corner, charming waiters with amazing conversations and always that “goodbye phrase”: Have a nice day, enjoy! Yes, I´m in love with… one city 😀

Amsterdam canal

I also love pets. Let me introduce you Wilma, Face, and Twitter. Belive it or not, the three of them are there!

Wilma, face and twitter

But I must admit, she is my queen, Ari


Because of the allergies I couldn´t have pets until I was 25. I was missing a lot of love! Allergy stay wherever you are, please.

End of chapter 1 🙂

61 thoughts on “My way”

  1. I wanted to post this yesterday, but you know, shit happens. Am I late? Time is relative, someone famous said once 🙂 HAHAHA! So you DO understand why I haven’t gotten to that award yet huh! LOL! Love it! Thanks for sharing your BIO with us!! I look forward to Part 2:) Light and Love, Shona

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    1. Yes, I do 🙂 I think I told you “take it easy” 😉 Thank you for your kind and funny comment. Next week, next chapter. Same bat-hour at same bat-channel 😀 I’m working on something about buddhas, I hope you’ll enjoy too 🙂 Big hug, David

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for your sympathy. I was never bullied, that’s the truth. And I must say it was hard, or I learned the hard way, but I’m not shy anymore. I can’t say that for respect to people who is shy. I have my insecurities, but I put on my best smile and don’t think twice. I’m very happy that you liked my little bio, but happier for your comment. Thank you for make me feel accompanied 🙂 Big hug, David

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  2. I loved hearing about your life!! And I was listening to your music the entire way…nice touch 🙂 Your writing seems very personable, I felt like I got to know YOU. That post was way better than an ABOUT page…or actually, could be your about page. My rescue mutt, Chazz is also my baby.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much, Danielle! Who needs a Monday Motivational Quote? WOW! I agree, it could be a good about page. But some curious bloggers asked for chapter two 🙂 We´ll see!! Big hug, David.

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  3. Last time we met was not in a street basketball court but in a pub. I remember I though you were quite different form the guy I enjoyed every summer playing basketball with. You had changed a lot. That happened 10… 12… years ago?

    It’s been a great surprise to find you and see you doing so well. I’m really happy you found your way. I’m proud of you.

    Until we met again, keep it up you are doing great. Best!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. WOW! This is an AWARD!! You´ve just made my Year, bro! What a wonderful surprise 😀
      You have no idea how much your words mean to me after all these years, my friend!
      I´ve realized we were friends before cellphones… We have a lot to catch up!


  4. Hello Chape! I’ve seen your wise comments on several blogs that I cherish and I kept on meaning to stop in and see what you are about. But you beat me too it – fitter, stronger, faster no doubt 😉 So, flattered as I am that you have followed my blog I hope not to disappoint mainly but I am also following you because I see so many things to like here. Not just the pets you understand. Though they too gorgeous. But also your philosophy, your back history and I can go on and on so I won’t but welcome to mine and I look forward to journeying with you and discovering more as time goes by. And getting advice too – that’s what I noticed first, by the way aeons ago on WBFM 🙂

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    1. Hello, Fiona 🙂
      I read your interview with Cameron this morning and I had to follow you! Your about page hooked me up, and the trees are magic. I´m sure I can learn a lot from you 🙂
      I´m also flattered for kind words and your interest in my blog. All questions, suggestions, and comments are welcome 🙂 I´ll do my best!
      Pleased to meet you, David 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Haha I was curious. I wanted to study business administration so bad from childhood, so much that when I told my dad I wanted philosophy, he asked me three times if I was sure. I wanted business administration because it was seen as professional and popular 😂. Thank God it would have been a huge mistake. While reading through a Pre-Uni course advisory, I stumbled on philosophy and was wowed, I thought to myself that this was a course that thought like me 😍. And baaam I fell for it. I did always get compliments that my mind was philosophical prior to that but I never thought I could actually study the course 😁. And mine was the Philosophy Department under the Faculty of Arts at my state University(Ogun State) now called Olabisi Onabanjo Uni. Hugs.😍

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  5. I loved this and the song is so cheerful! I’ve made use of your contact form. Drop me a line, if you’re so inclined. 🙂

    Thank you for sharing this, beautiful man.

    I admire the transformation in your body has taken in the past 18 years. Overtraining can be so brutal. I’m guilty of it myself. But you’ve leaned out and I hope you feel…..well, perfect. I think we always know when our bodies are just where they should be….there’s a zen quality in our mental outlook, as well as a fluid grace in our movements.

    With the form you show on your recent videos, I think you are there. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, dear 😘 I’ve just replied 😉
      I don’t feel perfect, but I feel very good now. Trying to workout seriously again, but just for pleasure. For sure yoga gave me another perspective how to treat my body 😄

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