Losing fat

The main reason to hire a personal trainer is losing abdominal fat.

You will find a lot of information, sometimes contradictory.

In most cases, the solutions will focus on diet or exercise.

Focus only on the diet or only on cardiovascular exercise, is not a good strategy to get rid of that fat.

We have gained weight because: we have not exercised, we have not eaten right for too long. The logical solution is to take into account both factors and not only attend one, right?

The synergy between these factors will lead to loss of abdominal fat.

Have you started to do a thousand crunches a day? This is based on the notion of losing fat in a certain area, working the muscle underneath. About me 6Unfortunately, this does not exist. You can not only lose fat from one part of the body. Have you ever seen someone with the six-pack and the rest of the body flabby? That’s it.

Extreme diets like eating once a day or even not eat, are a sovereign stupidity and endanger our health.

We must avoid trans fats and bad carbs, make four to six small meals and create a caloric deficit.

Another common mistake is to avoid weight training and furthermore, the strength training. It is a myth widespread that strength training makes you big and bulky, but still false. Strength training will make your muscles grow. A larger muscle consumes more calories.

If we maintain a low-calorie diet, increased muscle size, will help you lose fat. Why? Because muscles burn calories!

If you avoid these common mistakes, you will see how your efforts to reduce fat are successful.

Remember, watch your diet, train hard and do not skip the cardio sessions.

Danke steht in vielen Sprachen auf einer Tafel mit lächelndem Kind daneben
Danke steht in vielen Sprachen auf einer Tafel mit lächelndem Kind daneben

13 thoughts on “Losing fat”

  1. I agree completely. Living a life of balance usually produces the best results. In addition, those willing to accept slow gradual change are more inclined for lifetime success. An important point for ALL readers to remember.
    Great article!

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    1. Thank you 🙂 Balance is a hard to accomplish aim in this chaotic world. But it is necessary to get close to it as much as possible. Change is chronic, just change to the right direction 😉 Big hug, David


  2. It is amazing how many people make these mistakes with crazy fad diets and killing themselves with cardio and no weight training. Like I told you on my blog, I am restricted on what I can carry for the next few months. But I have adjusted my diet to avoid taking on extra pounds.

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    1. Well, after any surgery we need the doctor´s permission to any phisycal activity. It makes sense 🙂 During post-surgery, obviously, diet is essential to avoid overweight. To recover and get back to our usual routine, exercise may be painful, but necessary 🙂

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