2000 followers – Q&A celebration

Hello, wonderful people!

I´m going to reach 2000 followers anytime soon (1987, currently) and this time I´d like to be prepared and I´d like to do a question and answer post to celebrate.

You never heard about this thing? It´s really easy, you ask questions to satisfy your curiosity and I answer.

I´ll publish the post with all the questions linked to your blogs, and all the answers obviously, the very same day I hit the milestone.

So, what would you like to ask me? 🙂

No excuse

“There may be people that have more talent than you, but there’s no excuse for anyone to work harder than you do.” Derek Jeter

Us and our success by Brooke Smitham

Hello dears!

This week I´m pleased to introduce you a good friend and a great blogger, Brooke Smitham. Her blog is fully charged with positive vibes, make sure you follow her for your daily dose of positivity. She here to talk about one of the toughest topics, success. Hope you enjoy the reading as much as I did.

Hello everyone, I have to express to you all, what an honor and pleasure I have in writing this post for my colleague David, who I have now followed for a long time and enjoy his blog each day, thank you for this opportunity, David.

This is a topic I and many other blogger’s write about, but at times the clear message does not seem to be getting through, are we convinced of our own control over our lives? What we always have is total control of the reaction we have in situations that appear in our everyday being, yes it is only you that makes that decision, and we have all made mistakes at times, nobody escapes that, but if we give it some thought and change are thinking a little, if we allow ourselves to open our minds somewhat, we could make more positive decisions, it is also important that we believe in the help that we always have with us, the universe always works with us, guiding us along our life journey, it is the divine power which we store inside of us which we can lean on at anytime we need that support, many people hold this belief and name it God, that choice is yours.When we speak to this power, we are answered, but we have to listen, you may be told many times, and sadly at times we just do not listen and we do not take the advice given, your intuition talks to you, do you listen? When we don’t, things will come tumbling down around us, but don’t panic, nobody likes this but it is an opportunity for us to start again, with this experience now well within us, to guide us on, and we learn to listen, this power will never abandon you, we just need to learn to listen in a better way.

Brooke 1

You, as an individual are here for a reason, it is important that you understand that you are creating on a daily basis with the help of the great creator, what better partner can you wish for in life, the Universe/God it is no accident that you are you, just stop and think what set of sequences had to be in motion in action for you to be here, it is no accident believe me……….

Brooke 2

Do you know your purpose, are you working towards your purpose in life, achieving your dreams and goals? If you are not aware of your purpose I urge you to find this out as soon as possible, without knowing your purpose, it is like driving in the fog with no map, no gps, you could be swimming around a fish bowl looking for a corner to get out, there is no way out, so knowing and finding your purpose is extremely important, the sooner you know the sooner you can act and the sooner the universe can connect with you . You are a citizen of the universe, a very important part, you form part of the universal energy and it becomes part of you, your confidence will flourish when you understand there is something much bigger than you, far greater than you, you cannot do it alone. Everything happens for a reason, when you do not live your life as your true self, you are unable to obtain your personal intent, you are here, you are you, in your uniqueness and that is what matters, you are here and part of all this wonderfulness, when things go wrong and not the way you were expecting, it is experience you need, it is not a failure it is part of a preparation of what is to come, you are always preparing yourself with the help of the universe for what is to come.

Every thought you have, every thought you put out there into the universal energy flow and you put into action, is going to come back to you, when you believe and trust your partner, you will start to feel the flow, you will be in the flow of life, you will no longer be against it, you will be part of it, you will be connected to your inner power you will be aligned with the world that you want.
When you achieve the things you want in your life, you have to give back, your intention rules your life and determines the outcome, never worry about your competition, they will always be there, we all have competition in life, but the time and energy you give this, may give them the opening and opportunity they have been waiting for, you can only control yourself you cannot control others, for everything you put into motion the universal law states, “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction”.

Brooke Smithan is a fully qualified Psychologist,Life Coach,Performance Consultant & LOA Practitioner. Since 2013 she blogs at The Utopia Universe, helping lots of people.

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